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Environmental Intelligence. You need it to prepare for a future sure to be different from the past. To understand your environment and act with intelligence, you need us. Others depend on you. Your leadership is essential to the resiliency of the people and systems you manage. You can depend on us. 

Situational intelligence drives awareness of risk to people, property, profitability and the planet. We help clients assess situations, read the compass to understand the critical threats and opportunities, then adjust management systems to better navigate through uncertainty. 


Organizational and Community Resilience

Don't get caught waiting for your ship to come in. You might discover it sank due to forces beyond your control. Take steps now to understand and adapt to climate change.

Our team specializes in analysis of complex issues with energy, soil and water resources of interest to agriculture, manufacturing, developers and county, state and regional planning authorities. We deliver the kind of information that makes you a better manager of the things on which life depends. 

We use the best tools available to assist you with asking the right questions and getting the best response to your need for better strategeis and verifiable results: 

  • Energy Performance Verification

    • Energy Review

    • Energy Action Plan Development

    • Energy Auditing

    • Investor-Grade Enterprise Assessment

  • Hydrogeological Modeling & Subsurface Risk

  • Soil and Water Quality Systems

  • Watershed-Scale Assessment & Planning

Our internationally qualified and experienced team leads in development and assessment of management systems.

Management Systems
Climate Change Adaptation
Geospatial Systems

Our team integrates situational intelligence with geospatial systems analysis and an assessment of key management systems to create strategies and action plans for organizational and community resilience.




  • Energy

  • Environment

  • Safety

  • Security

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Business Continuity

  • Organizational Resilience

  • Private Sector Preparedness


  • To think proactively

  • Manage more effectively

  • Lead others

  • Reach your goals

  • Realize cost savings

  • Superior Energy Performance

  • ISO 50001

  • ISO 14001

  • OHSAS 18001

  • Biotechnology Quality Management System


Situational Intelligence
Geospatial Systems
Energy, Soil and Water

Geospatial systems analysis provides valuable actionable knowledge secured through insightful integration of information and data on resources essential to your home, farm, ranch, business, community and interested stakeholders. We analyze systems critical to demographic or economic aspects of the human interaction with ecosystems.

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