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BIG Data Complex Systems
Data Collection, Modeling, Analysis and Reporting
Energy, Environmental and Sustainability Performance Assessment
Our project portfolio includes an unusually-diverse set of projects that span multiple industries and sectors of the global economy, including:
  • Agriculture & Biofuels - Production Resource Efficiencies, Quality Management and Market Access 
  • Defense, Aerospace - Technology Commercialization, Supply Chain Sustainability 
  • Logistics & Manufacturing - Energy and Environmental Management in Ports, Auto/Marine/Truck Mfg. Sectors
  • Policy Analysis and Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups

Situational Intelligence is validated through assessment of systems critical to sustainablity, resilience, and the ability to regenerate a business, community or social and economic system. Our project portfolio is characterized by two kinds of work: traditional work with industry on environmental management; and "new frontier work. For example:

  • Since 2001, our expertise in effective use of management systems for energy and environmental performance has earned a reputation for delivering value to key stakeholders. Our assessment portfolio includes over two decades of work with ISO 14001, and more recently, subcontracting with accredited certification bodies to support third-party audit of management systems seeking certification to the requirements of ISO 50001 and the related requirements of the U.S. DOE Superior Energy Performance Program

    • See our Client Page for more details.

  • We stimulate investment in new systems for Cash Positive Carbon Negative economic development: After working with Environmental Intelligence, an astute dairy farmer, an owner of five facilities between Wisconsin and two global locations, already a pioneer for his industry, took further steps to protect the environment, diversify revenue and make additional productive use of water while it was still in his custody, including expansion of his farm's new anaerobic digestion systems to include pilot-scale algae photobioreactor, reverse osmosis technologies, hydroponics and aquaponics to produce lettuce and tilapia. 

We served clients facing risk of export market loss due to unexpected issues with quality in transit to overseas customers. Factoring in logistics, atmospheric modeling and other considerations yielded recommendations for decision-making that kept quality #1 in U.S. soybeans destined for global customers.


When big data was needed to help defend biodiesel from market restrictions promulgated by EPA and CARB, we made significant contributions to the soybean and biodiesel sustainability discussion with research project design and data analysis from farms across the Midwest and Great Plains. 

Environmental Intelligence Inc. supports investors and innovators with an eye on the horizon for new technologies. 

  • In 2009, a news article reporting on some of our early work investigating algae biosystems led to X-Lab employees of a major manufacture of consumer products to contact us. We turned to our network to supply the company's initial discrete, confidential investigation of algae as a revolutionary feedstock.

  • A mid-western group of investors sought independent verification of the technology at the center of a potential investment in a manufacturer of algae photobioreactors. We provided a qualified assessment supported by available objective evidence.


Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups
Technology Commercialization & Performance Verification

Environmental Intelligence Inc. is experienced and uniquely qualified to make contributions to the discussion and development of solutions to security and natural resource issues facing our businesses, communities, nation and global society. Our leadership history includes decades of roll-up-the-sleeves engagment with EPA, state regulatory agencies, NGOs, private foundations and others with an interest in realizing progress. We like engaging others in big-picture, long-horizon efforts.


We are leveraging decades of working experience with environmental professionals to apply our strengths to navigate new areas of collaborative work on issues critical to water quality and water supply issues of the U.S. 


Our long-range strategic plan includes a commitment to apply our strategic capabilities to projects where the threats to the sustainability of water quality and water quantity are at a fever pitch:

  • California - Drought and increased irrigation without groundwater recharge. Are your investments secure?

  • Iowa - Downstream litigants threaten rural counties over water quality management. What can today's sophisticated geospatial systems tools provide to aid in understanding the complex systems inherent to the issues?

  • Minnesota and Wisconsin - The St. Croix River Valley, including its tributaries along the shared borders of Minnesota and Wisconsin, is a special place of significance for our firm's founder. Check back here for news of upcoming projects. 


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